UI and NeoPearl (edited material)

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available to download via dropbox link

Zbrush 4R6 custom UI
Sketchzombie UI
note: that this is a 4R6 UI, and since many of my brushes are custom you will still need to do much editing

Zbrush (edited material ) NeoPearl
NeoPearl material
I don't claim creator of the material but just tweaked it adding specular hi-light


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    1. Hi love your UI, just what I needed as a beginner, thou I have some "gaps" like I don't have LazyMask, Circle ce, MAHMask, Orb_Cra, and Dot, based on the picture cause I cant see their whole name, do I really dont have those brushes or they will just show in certain conditions?

      Also I don't have or its not showing those: AirBrush, Draw, Hard, Smoother.

      Are you still using the same interface or u have a better one? I think your using mouse cause I see lazy mouse, I only have mouse :(
      This is my interface now from your download

    2. thanx much, the gaps you are seeing are custom made brushes on my end, ill try to make them available soonish


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